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7 phrases you didn't realize have sexist meanings

Business Insider – Some common English phrases may have sexist roots. "Wearing the pants" is a phrase that could be tied back to a time when pants were considered an article of clothing for men. "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" seems to imply a person’s goal should be marriage. Visit INSIDER’s homepage for more. Although you may not realize it, there are a lot of common phrases in the English language that could actually have sexist connotations or discriminatory origins. Here are some common English phrases that could have sexist roots. ‘Wearing the pants’ in a relationship could date back to the idea that men are meant to be the more dominant partner When someone says a person "wears the pants in a relationship," they are typically implying that the person is the dominant figure in their partnership. According to Bloomsbury International, the phrase may have originated in the 19th century. During this time period, women in the US traditionally didn’t wear pants out in public, but longer go
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