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Dalek Empire II features endings and new beginnings

The final chapter of Doctor Who spin-off series Dalek Empire II: Dalek War resolves the first era in a big way. But it also sets up the next one, too.

Since the very start of Dalek War – the second series of Doctor Who spin-off Dalek Empire – the story has featured some major flash-forwards. And I do mean major. These moments aren’t set a few years or even a few decades after the main events of the series, but two and a half thousand years later.

Through these scenes, we started to learn that, however the Dalek War ended, it would result in something called the Great Catastrophe – something so devastating that it would wipe out a huge amount of life and set the galaxy back centuries in terms of technology.

It’s in Chapter Four of Dalek War that we finally find out what caused the catastrophe. And this time, it wasn’t simply a result of what the Daleks had done, at least, not directly. This time, it’s the heroes who are responsible for such utter devastation.

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The story that began in Invasion of the Daleks ends in a big way in Dalek War: Chapter Four. But we also have some new beginnings, too…
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A dark conclusion

From the very beginning, Dalek Empire was never the lightest of series. But this chapter – which essentially resolves the saga of Alby Brook, Susan Mendes and Kalendorf that began with Invasion of the Daleks – is probably the darkest installment yet.

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We’re given a very clear depiction of just how brutal the Dalek War gets, and from the very start of the episode, major characters are killed of in the most shocking ways. Writer Nicholas Briggs is so ruthless with how he treats his heroes that I’m pretty sure George R.R. Martin would give him the thumbs up.

The final chapter of Dalek War is dark, vicious and brutal. It’s how you’d expect this era of Dalek Empire to end, really. However, it’s not just endings that Briggs writes in this chapter, but new beginnings, too. The flash-forwards reveal that, thousands of years later, humanity isn’t done with the Daleks. As a result, this chapter also sets up the next series, which mainly focuses on a brand new cast of characters.

But regardless of where Dalek War heads into, it has to be said that it does a marvelous job of resolving the story of the original characters. Don’t expect it to be an ending where everyone lives happily ever after, but do expect a satisfying resolution that fits the series completely.

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Have you listened to Dalek War? What did you think of the whole series? Do you think it gave a decent resolution to the regular characters? Let us know in the comments below.

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