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Far From Home Hides Mysterio in Plain Sight During Airport Scene

There’s a hidden Quentin Beck/Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) during Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s airport scene. Much of the Jon Watts-directed film’s narrative hinged on its villain. So obviously, they needed to pull off his ulterior motive’s reveal, and it worked. But apparently, the movie planted a subtle clue of what’s to come with the character early on evidenced by this recent information.

Initially introduced as an ally to Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Beck’s story was that he’s another hero from a different universe. Thanos’ (Josh Brolin) snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War tore a portal that made inter-dimension travel possible. Having had the backing of Nick Fury (who was apparently a disguised Talos), everyone bought his story, including Spider-Man. Mysterio accomplished his plan to manipulate Peter to handing him Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) sunglasses which has access to E.D.I.T.H. (Even Dead I’m The Hero) system. Fortunately, the wall-crawler was able to right his mistakes and take it back – but not without any repercussions as seen in the movie’s mid-credits. However, an early clue to Beck’s ruse can be seen before he even met Peter, as he was there the moment the hero landed in Europe.

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A Twitter fan-account with the user @UpToTASK has spotted the hidden Mysterio in Far From Home. It turns out, he almost came in contact with Peter after he and the rest of his schoolmates landed in Venice. This whole idea first started when Gyllenhaal posted on his official Instagram account hinting that there’s a scene in the film that featured Beck but hasn’t been found yet with #wheresbeck. Check out the images for proof below:

It’s indeed a clever move to have Beck there running in circles with Peter long before he’s officially introduced. But to be fair, fans haven’t seen Gyllenhaal in this outfit, and considering how quick his early appearance was, it was very difficult to spot. That being said, it also didn’t make sense for them to tease this hidden appearance earlier since it could potentially out this massive plot twist coming for Beck’s character. In any case, little things like this makes for a fun  detail that somehow changes how the public perceives the development of events in Far Fr0m Home.

Between these photos and the obvious rapport between him and Holland during Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour, it’s clear that the actors had a great time working in this film. While Beck’s supposedly dead in the MCU, the character’s main modus is deception, and it’s very possible that he’s also faked his demise to win one on Peter. Whether or not he’s still alive, considering how he seemed to have enjoyed working with this cast and crew, chances are that it won’t be that difficult to cajole him back if that’s in Marvel Studios’ cards.

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Source: @UpToTASK, Jake Gyllenhaal

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