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GOP Pollster Appears To Blame Hotel’s Broken Elevator On Socialism

A Republican pollster’s bizarre attempt to blame socialism for a broken elevator at a privately-owned five-star hotel in Vienna saw what one person on Twitter joked was him “getting publicly owned.”

Frank Luntz was widely mocked Tuesday following his complaint about the Hotel Imperial, which culminated with his plea: “Please don’t bring European-style socialism to America.”

Luntz may have been attempting sarcasm with the post ― as some tweeters speculated:

But sarcasm often doesn’t translate well on Twitter.

And Luntz, a regular contributor on the widely watched conservative cable network Fox News who last month predicted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would win the 2020 Democratic nomination, found himself “ratioed”:

The closely held Dubai-based Al Habtoor Group reportedly bought the hotel, also known as The Imperial, for $78.8 million from U.S.-based Starwood Hotels and Resorts in 2016. Starwood, a subsidiary of Marriott International, continues to operate the business.

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