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Zack Snyder brings Norse mythology anime series to Netflix

Zack Snyder and longtime collaborator Jay Oliva are teaming up with Netflix to create an anime series based on Norse mythology.

Zack Snyder, of 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel and Batman V Superman fame (or infamy, depending on how your tastes run), is taking his first step into the world of television.

Deadline reported earlier this morning that the auteur director will expand on his relationship with Netflix to bring a TV series to the streaming giant — an anime series which will be set in the world of Norse mythology and likely bring many of the heroes and stories of that rich storytelling tradition to life.

The series will be produced by executive produced by Zack Snyder, and produced by Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller through their production company, Stone Quarry Animation. And while Zack Snyder will have writing credit on the show, the showrunner, director and co-executive producer will be Jay Oliva

Zack Snyder fans will recognize the frequent Snyder collaborator, who has worked as the storyboard artist for many a Zack Snyder feature film such as 300, Batman V Superman and Man of Steel. Non Zack Snyder fans will still recognize his work in such films as Thor: Ragnorak and Wonder Woman, as well as nearly every great DC Animated feature film that’s been released in the last ten years.

This expands Snyder’s relationship with Netflix, as he is currently set to debut his zombie heist film Army of the Dead on the streaming service as well.

This comes at a time when Netflix is attempting to greatly expand its original content, including its anime content. John Derderian, head of Anime programming for Netflix, welcomed Zack Snyder’s step into original anime programming, saying:

Zack Snyder’s innovation in visual storytelling has pushed the industry forward and established him as one of the most distinctive filmmakers of his generation. We are beyond excited to partner with him and his exceptional team to bring the iconic characters and stories of Norse mythology to life in his inimitable style.

No matter your feelings about his films, its undeniable that Zack Snyder has a distinct visual style and a flair for putting together a great fight scene — two aspects of his persona that will meld well with an anime series.

Likewise, his superhero films have always taken the mandate of being a sort of modern American mythology seriously, so him having the opportunity to actually create a series all about mythology speaks to the themes and visuals he’s often explored in his films.

No word yet on an episode count or release date, but as Snyder is currently writing, directing and producing Army of the Dead and Oliva is in production on the Manila-set Netflix original anime series Trese we may be in for a bit of a wait for more details.

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